Nike’s jaw-dropping 3D outdoor, ‘Long Live Cowgirls’ from Wrangler & more: top creative ads of the week


Last week, a 3D outdoor creative put up in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area for Nike was not only shared widely on social media but also made it as a WhatsApp forward – usually an indication of how popular something is. Clutter-breaking adverts need to be celebrated as they pass the first test of getting noticed – especially in today’s world of extreme clutter where there’s content vying for one’s attention everywhere. Here are a few which caught my eye this past week:

Wrangler: Long Live Cowgirls

Canadian director Scott Pommier created a spec film which turned out to be an actual commercial for Wrangler. Set in Riata Ranch, a ‘non-profit organization which mentors and empowers young women to become confident leaders, develop strong work ethic, and realize their passions‘ it dramatises the struggle of a young girl learning a trick on her horse. The denouement is to be expected but the film makes for compelling viewing and high on feel-good quotient.

Director: Scott Pommier

1Password: Cybersecurity

Ryan Reynolds and his team at Maximum Effort are easily among the smartest marketing & creative brains in the business. They have consistently created campaigns which convey the right message for a brand, while packaging it in an entertaining, engaging manner. We have seen that in action with Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, HighKey and many more. Aside from the creative idea, their strong suit is Ryan Reynolds’ unique delivery style which is very endearing, as we saw recently in the ad to announce the availability of Aviation Gin on British Airways. A new ad for 1Password (in which Ryan is an investor( has him trying to ‘motivate’ team members of Wrexham A.F.C., the Welsh soccer club which he owns. As a script it may not be extraordinary but Ryan’s delivery makes it endearing.

Nike Air Max: 3D Outdoor

A few creatives totally re-define a medium in the way its used. What we are used to seeing in billboards are vinyl posters with clever copy or striking visuals. Sometimes digital screens are an innovation in this medium. A new 3D outdoor from Nike to celebrate Air Max day is a great example of ‘mixed media’ on a static medium. Loved it.

Hornbach: plants on the move

‘Come to Hornbach before your garden does’ is a brilliant proposition to cue that if plants stay neglected they might have to resort to coming Hornbach – a DIY-store chain in Germany offering home improvement, on their own.

Agency: Heimat Berlin

Wickes: show off

In advertising, the ‘so what?’ question is a common technique to ladder a benefit. Wickes is home improvement retail brand in the UK. Their proposition: people will be so proud of their completed projects that will go out of their way to show them off to neighbours and passers by. Smart.

Agency: VCCP

Skoda: a lot goes into it

Listing of features and processes is a common tactic in automobile advertising. A new ad for Škoda Fabia does it cleverly by personifying ‘crash tests’ and other elements which go into the car.

Agency: Fallon

Plenty: soup

The opening line ‘He’s ruined your life. But he’s making you lunch’ gets you hooked. And then it gets better with ‘Is that a sign of your heart bursting? No, its the soup exploding in the microwave’. The voice over then segues smoothly into introducing the product – a brand of paper towels.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Jaquar: Bath + Light

A brand known for its bathroom fittings has created this attention-grabbing set of ads to announce their line of lighting products.

Jar app: control

An app designed to encourage micro-savings as a habit makes it interesting by pitching ‘spending’ as a villain and delivering the message through an actor who is known for roles as one.

Agency: Spring Capital

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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