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The ‘Shot on iPhone’ series is a great example of letting the results do the talking rather than list the technical features of a phone as camera. In the latest edition, iPhone 13 Pro’s great video capabilities are showcased. A heart warming commercial, Pampers for Preemies, which strengthens Pampers’ perception as an expert can be seen in a new ad. These are part of my weekly collection of clutter-breaking creative ads (aside from the occasional commentary on the business of advertising). If you are based in India and would like to support my efforts in maintaining this blog, I appreciate your contributions here:

A Dozen Eggs | Shot on iPhone 13 Pro by Michel Gondry

There is no doubt that the iPhone is a sought after brand. Aside from the sales numbers the proof lies in the intangibles of brand affinity, cool-quotient or desire to own one. Of course there is a large group which attributes the popularity of iPhone to just clever marketing and creation of hype. They see it as an ‘over-priced’ product with poor value. ‘And equally good phone is available at half the price’ is often the logic. But as with all our purchase decisions (not just for high involvement categories), we lead with an emotional brain – the rational reasoning follows. ‘I bought it because it had features such as water repulsion’ is post-purchase or post-decision making rationalisation. There is an emotional reasoning even with Android phones. ‘Anti-iPhone’ could very well be one of them. Or ‘not like iSheep’ could be another.

Nevertheless, the popularity of iPhone can be attributed to multiple reasons. The relatively high price tag of any brand has aspirational cues – be it a premium shirt or sunglasses. But just a higher price tag has to come with several cues which help rationalise those who have a desire to own an iPhone and can afford one. Great camera quality and ability to shoot in modes not commonly found in other phones is a great attraction. Thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms we are communicating visually. Affordable data plans have removed the fear of watching video shorts or even streaming services. In this context, conveying that ‘your video can stand out from the clutter’ is a great hook. The larger intent of Apple seems to be get the iPhone 13 Pro in the hands of professionals in cinema.

The behind the scenes of this video is a fun watch. A couple of weeks ago, Apple launched ‘Hollywood at home’ series where they commissioned artists to demonstrate how some special effects can be achieved with an iPhone 13 camera to make it all look like a professional Hollywood film. They have been consistent in that effort and the rub off may very well be on the everyday consumer who is unlikely to use all the effects or as creatively as the professionals. But the job is done when the jaw drops after seeing such videos.

Pampers for Preemies: Every Touch is Huge

When it comes to their children, parents naturally have a ‘no compromise’ attitude, within some limits of purchasing power of course. ‘Nothing but the best’ maybe the outlook of some. It is also not uncommon to see parents shell out a little bit more for a brand which they think is better for their child. Johnson & Johnson used to ride on this sentiment when it comes to baby powder for example. In diapers, Pampers has a specialist perception. Such brand equity is strengthened with acts such as these: donating specially made nappies to pre-mature babies in UK hospitals. Without spelling it out, it conveys to the viewer that it calls for great expertise to create diapers which are suitable for the delicate skin of pre-mature babies.

Touch is the first sense a baby develops and is the most active sense connecting them to the outside world. For 1 in 13 babies born prematurely in the UK, their skin can be up to 2x thinner than that of full-term babies, leaving it so sensitive every touch can feel huge. 


In the context of COVID-19 our perceptions of touch have changed – there’s a sense of wariness. But when you see the shots of babies hooked up to monitoring equipment and their delicate skin, the importance of touch in providing a calming, soothing effect is amplified so well…it is overwhelming. I think such efforts go a long way in building brand affinity.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Optus Australia: ‘Tis the season of yes

Would Bread’s ‘Everything I own’ from 1972 really fit in well with a film aiming to connect with the young, in 2021? And would another Christmas feel-good film starring an unlikely protagonist – in this case a possum work its magic? Apparently it all does as we see a film where a possum gets ‘inspired’ what it sees in a neighbourhood to make its own bassinet for its expectant partner. ‘Great things in life can be traced back to one simple word – yes’ is the campaign idea for this film which also supports a cause: Optus has partnered with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to protect the declining population of Australia’s gliders and their natural habitat.

Agency: Special Group NZ

Amazon Prime: an unlikely friendship

After possums, we have hyenas as the central characters in a Christmas ads. While ‘unlikely friendship’ has been done before as a theme, notably by UK retail, it still works in shall we say, an unlikely plot for Amazon Prime? The link back to the ‘smile’ motif in the logo brings a erm…smile.

This Christmas we are celebrating the power of a Smile, and how true joy can come from the most unlikely of friendships.

Agency: CYW

Erste Group: #believeintomorrow

Over the years, Erste Group – a banking firm in Germany (check out their fun ‘Let George Do it’ ad back from July 2021) has crafted a special Christmas story with both a message and a feel-good factor. The ads have followed a consistent look & feel and have a positive message for the world: let’s give something that brings joy to all of us: a better future’. The creative device is simple – every time a father-to-be is about to use plastic or something which will cause environmental harm he is stopped by a conscientious guardian – his future child. Loved it.

Agency: Jung von Matt DONAU

MIGROS: drone to the rescue

‘Nobody should be alone at Christmas’ is the simple premise (yes, we have seen variations of this in other ads) in this ad for Switzerland’s largest retailer. The unlikely (there we go with that word again) hero is Robin, the drone who does its bit to make the day better for a lonely lady in a neighbourhood.

Chicken Licken: Nuggets of Wisdom

The link between the brand and the proposition maybe tenuous in this lovely series of ads but they have us entertained to the hilt. I guess ‘chicken nuggets’ led to the common phrase ‘nuggets of wisdom’ and the creative team wove three charming stories: taking a pause to think before a decision could prevent disastrous situations. Getting a tattoo in the wrong place, opting for a loan which could make life difficult are choices which are real. The technique of visual fast forward to show the troublesome situations are hilarious.

Agency: Joe Public, Johannesburg

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